A New Paradigm in AI
Mind AI can think like we do, understand our language and even learn on its own. Our mission is to build the most advanced natural language reasoning AI in the world.
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Leading the Third Wave of AI
  • Mind AI is both a new class of AI and an ecosystem. The Mind AI engine takes natural language inputs and transforms them into our internationally patented data structures, which we call canonicals. Once language is encoded in this form, the Mind AI engine can make connections, perform logical operations and generate intelligent responses.
  • The most common approach to AI today is Deep Learning. The problem with the deep learning approach is that the 'reasoning' process is a black box (even to the researchers!) and the 'knowledge' gained is generally not applicable to any other domain – which is why it's called narrow AI. In contrast, Mind AI comprehends and reasons like humans do, generalizing in real time and employing natural language processing skills such as reading and writing.
  • Our long-term goal is to create an artificial general intelligence that can construct its own hypotheses, test them against data and apply knowledge to new domains – and thereby help humanity solve some of our most intractable problems.
  • The current AI ecosystem is dominated by a handful of big tech companies with little oversight or accountability. As AI deployment accelerates, the threat of second wave AI systems to privacy and autonomy and even democracy itself will grow. To create a more just and prosperous world, the power of AI should be available to the many, not monopolized by the few. That's at Mind AI why we're putting human values and ethics at the heart of third wave AI engineering, to ensure that AI is used for good.
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