Building infrastructure
to connect AI with the world
Just as Edison invented the light bulb and it spread around the world, it's our mission to make it easy for anyone to use AI and to connect their world with AI, removing all barriers.
Team Culture
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    We are inspired
    We know we are working on something with the potential to change the world and change it for the better. And we can only do it with everyone inspired by that promise, that we can do something that has never been done before.
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    We are diverse
    We come from everywhere around the world, and we respect all the cultures that are represented. Differences can enhance understanding instead of obscuring it, for we take it to heart to be open to new ideas, to embrace new solutions.
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    We are skilled
    We know our stuff! Of course, this doesn't mean we know everything, so we are also humble. Communication is key to any team, and we respect each other's viewpoints and methods. Not always to have all the answers, but perhaps with better questions.
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    We are transparent
    One of our main ideas is that what we do should be transparent to anyone who wants to know. We take that to heart in both what we are developing and how we relate to one another. That way we can have more than one set of eyes to see if we're veering off course, or absolutely on the mark!
Office Life
We constantly in our research consider how we might provide better experiences to the people of the world, to enrich their lives.
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